Frequently Asked Questions


What is an interior decorator ?

As an expert in space design, the purpose of the interior decorator is to give birth to the clients’ wishes. They create and rethink interior spaces taking into account the client’s desires, both in terms of design and budget. By helping you with choosing and installing furniture, harmonising colours, combining materials and styles, and giving advice on decorative accessories, the decorator transforms your interior into a unique place! Fully aware of the latest trends, they can handle the decoration of dwellings (houses, apartments, mansions) as well as professional premises (shops, hotels, holiday cottages, offices…), provided the project does not require major construction works.

What is an interior designer ?

The interior designer masters space. In addition to being a decorator, they also take care of the design of interior spaces. Combining creativity and technicality, they play with both light and space, and work on partitions and water and electricity supply networks. Unlike the interior decorator, they can handle renovation or expansion projects, which require extensive construction works. However, the interior designer is not allowed to tamper with a building’s structure. If this is required, they will have to hire a design office or a ‘DPLG’ architect (registered to a regional order of architects) to deal with structural works.

I have a project of interior decoration/design, how will Beaux Intérieurs assist me ?

In Beaux Intérieurs, you will find both an interior decorator and designer, who is involved in all stages of the construction or renovation of both commercial and private spaces. Beaux Intérieurs help you with your project from start to finish, including reconfiguring spaces, choice of colours and materials, careful selection of furniture and decoration advice.

What happens at the 1st meeting ?

After a phone conversation outlining your project, Beaux Intérieurs comes to you. For a project of interior design or decoration, the first meeting is crucial! It allows the designer/decorator to talk with you about your project, your wishes and your tastes. Do not hesitate to specify the decoration styles, ambiance or even colours you like, with photographs as examples. It is also an opportunity for the designer/decorator to make an assessment of your current space, be it a dwelling or commercial premises. From then on, they will be able to give you initial design advice. Be it a project to harmonise colours, to find design solutions, or about home staging, they will help you arrive at an estimated budget.

Are plans / 3D sketches provided ?

If you request plans and 3D sketches, they will be provided once the estimate is accepted. Samples will also be provided to help you visualise your future interior.

How much time usually elapses between the acceptance of the estimate and the project’s initiation ?

The time periods vary greatly depending on your project, but it takes around two to three weeks. Advice on colours will be provided in only a few days, while home staging, or complete redesign of a house will take about three more weeks.

In which geographical area does Beaux Intérieurs work ?

We works in Toulouse and throughout Haute-Garonne to provide you with tailored advice and services in interior design.

Does Beaux Intérieurs have its own network of contractors ?

Beaux Intérieurs works with well-known professionals from all trades within the building industry, in order to bring life to your interior design project in Toulouse and in Haute-Garonne.

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