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In need of change ? Looking to refresh your daily life ?

Colours, materials, textures, light fixtures, decorative objects, accessories and final touches are all key features to bring harmony into your home.

Choosing a colour, for instance, allows us to play with space while creating a unique ambiance. A warm or cold tone can transform your world !

Harmonisation des couleurs

Beaux Intérieurs will listen to your needs !

Interior decoration influences your well-being. As such, it must be customized according to your tastes, adapted to your lifestyle and fulfil your expectations.

Putting our experience at your disposal, we offer you a full range of solutions, while adding a great variety of ideas to create a unique project.

For extraordinary results, we have to think of everything !

Exchange of ideas, analysis of your needs and wishes.

List of suggestions to choose furniture and accessories; presentation portfolio (with descriptions and prices), trends boards, materials' sample and colour charts.

Our upholsterer will tailor curtains and cushions, suggest paintings and frames and restore antique furniture.

Help with the implementation of the project: we do the selection, establish contacts and coordinate between the different partners; we order, receive, assemble and install the furniture; we put the curtains up and hang the paintings.

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